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Getting GeoQO

WARNING: Mostly Complete Instructions

These instructions are temporary till I (or someone) writes better ones. It should work on windows, macs, linux, etc but has only been tested on linux and windows at this point. The windows documentation will be improving soon and I'd love a volunteer to document the steps needed for it to install on Mac OSX (should be fairly easy).

Prerequisite software

You need the following pieces of software before you can use GeoQO:

Getting GeoQO

Grab a GeoQO software bundle (either a .zip (especially windows) or a .tar.gz if you'd prefer) and extract it to a folder.

You can also learn below about how to grab the most recent development snapshot.

Check For Prerequisite Needed Perl Modules:

Run the following command in the geoqo source directory:

It will list some required and optional perl modules you need to install and others you may wish to install. To install them, use the following instructions:

Run perl -MCPAN -e shell (as root or in sudo) and at the prompt type "install MODULENAME" for each listed module you need or wantRun the "ppm" program and use it to install each missing module

Installing GeoQO

Windows users: you need to get the nmake program from the Microsoft site [XXX: I don't think this is best URL to use?]

in a shell window in the GeoQO source directory type:

perl Makefile.PL
make install                  [as root if running unix/linux]

Using GeoQO

Please see here

SVN access to the geoqo code

You can get the current most up to date GeoQO program in development from the subversion repository (svn). Note: don't use the svn sources if you want stability; use the versioned releases above instead.

Run this svn command to get the source:

svn co

When you want to update to the newest code, run this command:

svn update GeoQO / GeoDB Project