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By Size Density Plots

The following files how the distribution of caches moves as the cache size gets larger and larger (downtown area is full of micros, where it is harder to hide large caches; toward the east is all hills and non-populated areas where larger ones fit naturally)

Micro.jpg Small.jpg
Above: Micros Above: Small
Regular.jpg Large.jpg
Above: Regular Above: Large

These were created using 4 calls to geoqo to generate 4 Google Earth kml files:

 geoqo -s (mem:sacsquare)&&cache:container=Micro -e kml:size=300:Micro.kml
 geoqo -s (mem:sacsquare)&&cache:container=Regular -e kml:size=300:Regular.kml
 geoqo -s (mem:sacsquare)&&cache:container=Small -e kml:size=300:Small.kml
 geoqo -s (mem:sacsquare)&&cache:container=Large -e kml:size=300:Large.kml

The mem:sacsquare is defined in my $HOME/.geoqo/mem/search/sacsquare file as:

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