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Log Keyword Density Plots

The following two images show the default density plot in the Sacramento, CA area and a second that shows what happens when you limit the caches included to only those that include complimentary words (see Complex Searches Using the GUI if you are using the GUI interface to create plots):

  • awesome.jpg generated with: geoqo --debug 5 -s '(mem:sacsquare)&&(log:text=awesome||log:text=fantastic||log:text=terrific||log:text=very fun||log:text=cool)' -e kml:size=300:awesome.kml
  • generic.jpg generated with: geoqo --debug 5 -s '(mem:sacsquare)' -e kml:size=300:general.kml
Generic.jpg Awesome.jpg
Includes everything Only those with complimentary terms

If you compare them closely, you'll find the most dense area of "good" caches (purple) has moved. The ones downtown contain more "good" ones than the ones to the east.

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