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GeoQO On Windows Notes

GeoQO on windows does have a few oddities just because of windows itself.

GUI Usage

Gtk2 vs Tk

The GUI is written using geoqo scripts and a GUI system called QWizard. It is able to use either a Tk or a Gtk2 system on the back end when displaying things to the user. The Gtk2 GUI system is better than the Tk one, but I don't believe Gtk2 exists under ActiveState perl for windows yet. Thus, the screen shots may look a bit different than the ones you'll see. But the functionality is the same.

(10/2007: it actually does. But I haven't followed all the needed instructions for getting it working)

Command Line Usage

Single Quotes

Many of the geoqo examples use single quotes (') for quoting certain command line commands. However, windows doesn't deal with these the same way that unix does (where the documentation was written) so anytime you see single quotes, replace them with double quotes. IE:

 geoqo -s 'cache:owner_name=Yamar' -l

should be:

 geoqo -s "cache:owner_name=Yamar" -l

Equal Sign Issues

Windows does strange things with command line options that contain equal signs (=). You must quote them using double quotes when typing on windows (unix and macs don't exhibit this problem). As an example:

 geoqo -s cache:owner_name=Yamar -l

Actually will fail with an odd error. Instead quote it:

 geoqo -s "cache:owner_name=Yamar" -l

(when in doubt, quote it!)

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