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At various places in the GeoQO documentation, $HOME is used. $HOME/.geoqo is the default place where all your personal configuration files, databases, scripts, etc are kept. The actual location of $HOME varies depending on the system type.

Unix (including Linux)

$HOME should be the system place for your personal files. You can use the tilda (~) as well. IE:

 > cd ~/.geoqo
 > ls 


I think that $HOME is normally C: on windows. So that your geoqo directory becomes: C:\.geoqo

Mac OS X

I Don't know. Help?

What's in $HOME

The directory structure of $HOME can contain any of the following:

   config                    (configuration file)
   scripts/                  (directory of where personal scripts can be kept)
   mem/                      (directory of "memory files")
     export/                 (export specfic memory files)
   dbs/                      (where your geoqo database files are stored)
   temp/                     (where temporary files are created)
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