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So, you've managed to Launch the GUI and now what?

Well, the first thing you should do is import some data! Take a typical Pocket Query file and import it by simply clicking on the Import Waypoints from a file button:


The next page will give you a file selection button, which you should click on and find the file you want to import:


You can import any type of file that GeoQO can handle. The list of file type extensions include any listed GeoQO Home Page.

It will handle a zip file without extracting it first (and in fact, it does smart things with the extra waypoints file included within it, so it's actually beneficial not to extract the zip file first).

Good Advice: Import your Pocket Queries directly with the .zip file and don't extract them

Once you select the file, it may prompt you for additional information depending on the file type you selected. For example, it will likely ask you what you want to name the set of information that you're going to import.


Set names are the easiest way to remember the information at some point in the future as it groups the waypoints together as a set attached to a name.

If you don't specify the set name, it will default to trying to create one based on the Pocket Query name (for example) with a special "import:" prefix. For example, if you had a pocket query named "near me" then the resulting default set name would be "import:near me".

If you are importing it directly from a .zip file and there is additional waypoints in it (trail heads, parking, etc) then those additional waypoints will be, by default, in a set named "import:near me:waypoints".

Good Advice: Don't chose a set name if you're importing data that is already named, like a pocket query
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