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Here's a conversation between vaccine and Yamar about getting it working on Mac OS X:

 vaccine: For OS X:
 vaccine: You will need expat if you don't have it already -
 vaccine: run ./  and install missing pieces
 vaccine: You will need HTML::Tagset for the optional WWW::Babelfish module
 vaccine: I needed to install expat first
 Yamar: expat from source?  nopre-package?
 vaccine: umm
 Yamar: (ie, not on the install OS X CD)?
 vaccine: yeah.. I just d/l'ed 2.0 off the sf page
 vaccine: yep.. got the source and just compiled it
 vaccine: and install missingpieces was all done with CPAN
 vaccine: oh..
 vaccine: and your cpan command will require OS X users to use "sudo"
 Yamar: not surprising.
 Yamar: (as it should be)
 vaccine: on your "getting.html" page
 vaccine: this: Run perl -MCPAN -e shell and at the prompt type "install MODULENAME" for each listed module you need or want
 vaccine: for OS X will be Run sudo perl-MCPAN -e shell
 vaccine: outside of that, it was all the same =)
 Yamar: ah, true.
 Yamar: I should have at least put "as root"
 vaccine: oh, and this all assumes that the OS X user has the dev tools
 vaccine: by default there is no compiler on OS X
 vaccine: you need to install the developer tools (which is free) 
 vaccine: it's just seperate
 vaccine: it's either on theOS media..
 vaccine: or available at Apple's site
 vaccine: that's the download
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