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It's always possible you'll find a bug. It might even be likely :-/

This page should help you describe what you're doing and have the system produce lots of output for the developers to read.

Reporting the details

First off, the most useful thing you could submit with your bug report would be a complete debugging trace. GeoQO has extensive debugging output that is normally turned off. You'll need to open a command shell to get the debugging output. Once you've launched a shell, try typing the following at the prompt if you want to launch the normal front screen GUI window:

 geoqo --debug 99 -x gui > debugging-file.txt

Then, follow the steps you normally take to get to the bug and write down what you're doing. Then mail the description of how you got to the bug and the newly created debugging-file.txt file off to the developers or upload it to the bug tracking system (XXX: need link; out of time).

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