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Prepare for an upgrade of GeoQO

These instructions assume you have already installed GeoQO before and merely want to upgrade to the latest and greatest (currently version 1.11).

Maybe do a backup

If you need to upgrade geoqo from a previous version, you may want to first back up your default database:

 cp $HOME/.geoqo/dbs/geoqo $HOME/.geoqo/dbs/geoqo.bak

Upgrade GeoQO

Windows Instructions

Double click on the INSTALL-WINDOWS.pl icon and let it do everything for you. You can stop reading this page after it finishes.

Other Operating Systems

Extracting the source

Then, get the new source package and extract it (in this example, we'll assume command line zip):

 unzip geoqo-1.11.zip

Checking for new needed modules

It's possible that new perl modules are needed or may be desired in order to support some newer features available in the new version. You can check this by running the check-prerequisites.pl script:

 perl check-prerequisites.pl

And following it's instructions (or if you're on windows you may wish to use PPM to search for some of those modules).

Building and installing

Then build it:

 cd geoqo-1.11
 perl Makefile.PL
 make install
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