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Installing the Plugin

The firefox plugin can be installed by opening the firefox folder in the download directory and double clicking on the "geoqoext-0.1.xpi" file, which should make firefox open it and install it.

Using the Plugin

The plugin does a few things for you. It adds information to cache pages from your geoqo data and it can auto-add information to your logs as you are logging your finds.

Extra Cache Information

The geoqo plugin creates an additional section on each geocache web page that adds your tags, ratings, and attributes to the cache page. This new box should appear right below the travel bug box on the cache page. Here's an example screen shot showing information about a local cache that I have solved and found (the real puzzle answers are blacked out to protect the future finder from an easy find):


Extra Log Information

If you used the track modify plugin to record when and how long you visited a cache for, when you go to log a new find the extension will automatically insert that text data into your log entry (you can remove it of course).

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